Sunday, August 12, 2007

I like to do many many different things.
One of them is drawing, recently I do it mostly in photoshop on my mac.

One of the themes I like is imaginary characters.
Most of the time I just make an image with one of them, but once in a while I make compositions with a few different ones.

Usually it takes me several hours to make an images, because I play a lot with different effects to get a desired look and feel of the image.

Few days ago I have finished one of my most time-consuming pictures.
I was working on it for more than a month, virtually every day, sometimes few hours a day. Never the less it does look simplistic in many ways.
The image is rather big, it has more than 100 layers in photoshop and the original is 3200 by 2000 pixels.

below you can see a small thumbnail that is 531 pixels wide.
The name of the picture - The Pointless End of the Cucumber.
This is somewhat a play on words (from one the dialogs in a Murakami's book)
that cukes have pointless ends, and that often death (the end) is so pointless too.

you also can look at a larger image that is 1920x1200

I display most of my images on my other (russian only) blog
but you can view just the post with images using a filter казя мазя

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